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Sagacify wins a case at the unique Logistics Hackaton 2019

On november 2019, Sagacify had the opportunity to participate in the 2nd Unique Logistics Hackaton organized by OTM Belgian Shippers'​ Council and Lanark!

The Hackathon consisted of six challenges, and were thrilled of our victory in the Jan de Nul challenge on Customs Code management.

Victory and maybe a successful collaboration coming

François Beuvens, who is co-founder and also our CTO declared: "We are glad to have been able to address the questions posed during this challenge and present a first solution to the Jan de Nul team. Discussions with Jan de Nul will now continue beyond the scope of the competition. We are already convinced of the value that our approach can bring considering the needs of Jan de Nul. "

Customs code management

Jan de Nul is a global actor in maritime construction and logistics, which is operating in more than 70 countries, with more than 6000 employees. As part of its activities, the group imports large quantities of goods to build its infrastructure. Therefore, an efficient and flawless management of customs codes is particularly important.

Concrete challenge

It is in this context that the group launched a very concrete challenge during the hackathon, as François Beuvens explains: "Jan de Nul wanted to improve the management of its customs codes. Concretely for us, it was a matter of being able to automatically map the thousands of customs codes of products and raw materials meeting an international classification. Currently, the assignment of the customs code requires the intervention of an international customs officer and also local agents, which means a regular exchange of information and constant attention to avoid errors. If an error occurs in the process, additional taxes may be added because of a misclassification, or even costly delays due to possible customs blockages. ”

Congratulations to all Sagacify members that were involved in this great victory!