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From custom AI solutions to AI talent services, discover how we can help you reach the next level of automation.

We build and integrate long lasting value with AI solutions in close collaboration with you.

We take care of everything, from scoping to deployment and maintenance over the years.

We provide tools allowing your team to be in control of this new technology.

We only commit to a project if we are truly convinced that it will bring a strong added value to your business.

What we do

Explore AI Opportunities

Accelerate your understanding of AI culture and walk out from our discovery session with an execution plan that will generate maximal business value.

What AI can do

You'll get access to:

  • A methodology
  • Experts
  • A business and technical case study on your most promising projects

Build Your AI Solutions

We collaborate with our clients all along the construction of their solution, from the scoping of a first project to the maintenance of your AI systems in production. Our customer centric approach ensures the creation of strong added value.

Build your AI solutions


Define the scope, data and metrics of your business case. We make sure that all the required conditions for a successful project are met.



Prove the technical feasibility and de-risk your project on a small scale, as soon as possible and validate the business case.



We build your AI solution with reliability, security and evolutivity in mind.



Once we’ve deployed an AI solution, we ensure it continues to deliver value for the company over the years, help to scale up operations and act as a trustful partner in your global transition to AI.

Productizing AI Solutions with MLOps

Once an AI system has a proven performance and can drive strong ROI, Sagacify deploys it in production and puts you in control.

Sagacify focuses on MLOps, a discipline involving collaboration between machine learning engineers and domain experts (YOU) with the aim of productizing AI systems. We provide low-code and no-code tools that enable your engineers and domain experts to label, train, test and deploy AI systems.

Build your AI solutions

Innovate with Sagacify

For your most ambitious innovation projects in Artificial Intelligence and automation, that carry some levels of uncertainties regarding the maximal performance we can reach, Sagacify can:

  • Provide a team of expert software and machine learning engineers, well connected to the latest academic contributions in the field and with a focus of translating them to industrial solutions
  • Advise on how to structure the project
  • Advise on how to find external financing

Expand your AI team

Sagacify has been a leading AI service provider for over 7 years. With this knowledge, we help companies build their own AI capabilities, assisting them to develop and grow their skills, workflows, and technology stack. Whether you're just starting with AI or want to expand your team, we can help you reach the next level.

Sagacify can help you with :

  • Data Engineering, ensuring that data is available, usable, consistent, reliable, and secure.
  • Machine Learning and Software Engineering, helping you design and build models that generate valuable knowledge from data.
  • DevOps and MLOps Engineering, to help you productize and scale your AI solutions.
  • When working with Sagacify consultants, you not only acquire one person's knowledge but also benefit from the experience of an entire team.

Why partner with us?

Sagacify is a clever mix between machine learning and software development experts, experienced business analysts and project managers.

Our experience accross many industries makes us the ideal partner to come up with unique and innovative cross-sector solutions for your business.

At Sagacify, we are driven by passion, success and innovation. We are driven by you.

Let’s work together !

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Kevin Françoisse
Founder and CEO

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Who we are

We’re a clever mix between machine learning and software development experts, experienced business analysts and project managers.