PI-AI : Creating a So-Called Platform For Industry

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The integration of AI projects in the industry is growing rapidly, and with it, the need to make the management of the life cycle of smart application more accessible, robust and scalable. To answer this problem, Sagacify and I-Care started collaborating together to build a platform, called PI-AI, that answer this problem. The European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) and Wallonia are providing financial support for the PI-AI project.

The PI-AI project aims to create a so-called 4.0 platform for industry. Based on a scalable and modular structure, this platform aims to pool solutions and skills to meet the common needs of a consortium of companies. It is a complete and robust product adapted to the needs of the targeted sector. This project, PI-AI, will also induce important economic benefits (jobs, sustainable development) for our partners and for Wallonia.