The logistic actors need to integrate automation to stay competitive. AI provides improved answers to traditional and new logistics challenges

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What can AI do?

  • Document treatment automation
  • HS Code attribution
  • Assets optimisation
  • Fleet predictive maintenance
  • Path optimisation
  • Pricing optimisation
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Success stories



The logistics sector needs to treat a large number of documents everyday. Their diversity and number make it impossible to automate this task with traditional methods. An AI-based solution, on the other hand, automates the treatment of more than 90% of the volume of these documents.


Automation reached



Companies that manage imports and exports must provide a customs code which defines the tax rate of products. Today, these codes are automatically assigned by an AI algorithm, automating the processing of 70% of products with more than 99% accuracy


of products automatically processed



Thanks to an AI system, our client is able to predict the sales volume of its products for the next few months with a great accuracy. Based on that, another AI optimizes the organisation of the warehouse in order to maximise efficiency. As a result, new orders are processed up to 20% faster. 


faster processing



AI can decide where to send ressources such as teams of specialists, who are too scarce to cover a large number of sites. This decision is made on the basis of images (satellite, drones, quality control, etc.) in order to determine which situations require the presence of the team in priority.


Area coverage


Sagacify and DAS had a successful collaboration with as goal the automatic classification and routing of inbound emails. The results show powerful statistics on the process and saves a lot of time for our collaborators that can now focus on more impactful tasks.

Xavier de launois
COO at D.A.S

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