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Automated customs code attribution

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Goods that are shipped internationally are all subject to customs. While the customs process these goods, they attribute a specific code to every package depending on its content. Ultimately, the taxation rate of the package depends on the code the customs gave it.


However, the attribution of customs code is a very complex task, because the code not only depends on the product type, but also on the country the package is imported into. Currently, the assignment of custom code requires the intervention of an international customs officer and also local agents.

Consequently, this attribution or check-in process requires time and workforce that would have more value elsewhere.

Process optimization

Sagacify built a solution that automatically maps the thousands of customs codes of products and materials meeting an international classification.

Thanks to the text description of goods, our algorithms identify the type of product being processed and attribute its right HS code with respect to its characteristics.


Our solution brings efficient and flawless management of customs codes. Indeed, the attribution of codes is faster and more accurate. It also reduces related costs and prevents the company from fines.

Our solutions can process any text or image and automatically attribute codes or labels.

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