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AI and its related technologies have a strong impact on all aspects of the insurance industry, from distribution to underwriting and pricing to claims optimisation.

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Enhance productivity, optimize customer experience and develop new products

  • Hyperautomation
  • Claim & underwriting automation
  • IoT devices supported FNOL
  • Dynamic pricing
  • and many more ...
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AI can assist claim managers or operators to make more informed and consistent decisions. Thanks to its continuous learning capabilities, AI keeps adapting to an ever changing environment and capitalizes on growing knowledge.

More flexible



Automate more than 85% of the volume of your incoming broker or customer communication.


Volume automated



By automating tasks and processes of low added value for the broker or the end customer, not only are tasks executed instantaneously (reducing potential backlog), but it frees employee's time to focus on tasks with more added value, i.e. devoting more time to customers.

Faster treatment, better quality



Automate more than 70% of tasks related to the management of your documents.


of document management tasks automated


We really appreciated working with Sagacify. Project deliveries were on time, communication was done directly with people in charge and the delivered solutions were perfectly adapted to fit Ethias' systems. Sagacify has proven to be focused on bringing high value for our company, which made us confident that we could trust them to help us make good long term decisions.

Sarah Al Azzeh
Head of Program Management at Ethias

Sagacify and DAS had a successful collaboration with as goal the automatic classification and routing of inbound emails. The results show powerful statistics on the process and saves a lot of time for our collaborators that can now focus on more impactful tasks.

Xavier de launois
COO at D.A.S

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Free your team from manual encoding and repetitive tasks related to documents and emails.

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