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10 automated image recognition tools you should check out

Automated recognition tools are the talk of the town lately. Many well known companies created their own tool that can analyze pictures and detect logos. Even we at Sagacify created our own automated recognition tool that helps companies detect logos in press articles.

A picture is worth a thousand words

The flood of images people see on a daily is overwhelming. To handle this massive load of information, AI has been proven a useful tool when it comes to recognizing and detecting a specific image as well as monitoring its performance in domain-specific media. Sagacify proudly contributed in the creation of the so-called image recognition tools alongside others, including giants such as Google and Amazon.

Especially for brands, this enormous image data should be identified, analyzed and exploited with the aim of protecting their image and marketing of themselves. If brands refuse to adapt, they can miss out on the opportunities this new valuable data pool has to offer.

Now, how does it actually work? By the use of AI in the form of neural network, the pixels of a vast amount of images are processed. More and more images are fed to the system so that it can learn to identify similar objects. This type of AI can be applied to a wide array of domains ranging from autonomous vehicles (recognizing stop signs or pedestrians) to comparing prices (what is the price in the other store?).

A valuable tool

Automated image recognition will lead your company to a path of valuable data. This data can help you understand your customers better through a targeting strategy based on the client’s individual preferences. Above that, it monitors the uses of your logo, the true reach of your marketing strategy and it supports breakthroughs in new markets. This tool will allow your company to discover new possibilities and to encompass all your business needs. Likewise, its improved efficiency will help to save time and money. Depending on your business, the following tools might increase value creation in your company.

10 automated recognition tools

Amazon Rekognition

Amazon’s Rekognition tool has the capacity to identify the objects, people, text, scenes, and activities, and detect any inappropriate or unsafe content. In addition, it integrates facial recognition and analysis, all at an affordable price. One of the main benefits is the continuous learning through the stream of new images to the system. Find out more here.

Google reverse image search

It is a simple tool available to all where you can just upload your image and Google gives the sources of where this image appeared. Therefore, you can easily find where and by who this image is used in order to detect a possible misuse or to refer to the source. You can try it here.

Google Cloud Vision API

This tool, part of the Google Cloud Platform, enables developers to integrate image recognition and object detection capabilities using simple API (Application Programming Interface) calls. Google is leading the way in computer vision and you can be sure that'll benefit from the most powerful vision machine learning models using this tool. It can extract useful insights and text out of the examined images as well as integrate the functions of their reverse image search engine making it one of the most versatile and flexible tools. Find out more here.

IBM Image Detection

IBM created a highly trainable and customizable platform for visual recognition with a wide array of functions including the ones previously discussed. It uses top-notch technology to ensure a trustworthy tool for image recognition. Find out more here.


Clarifai helps you find images by inserting images in their system. Instead of finding the words to describe an image, the tool does the work for you and will select similar images based on your input. Find out more here on their blog.


LogoGrab’s tool can be used to detect logos, marks and brands. This will enable your company to monetize and monitor your visual content on different media such as social media, television and shopping websites. Find out more on the website of LogoGrab.


Imagga can classify information based on certain specifications of images and is highly customizable to the needs of the user. For instance, Tavisca uses Imagga to significantly improve the photo quality of hotels enabling tourists and business people to determine what is the right fit for them. Find out more here.


Cloudsight focuses on its ability to distinguish objects as well as classify and describe images. Their user base can apply it in different ways: to generate product descriptions in market places, for video recognition, to improve search and discovery in retail and in digital media management. Discover Cloudsight here.


What’s unique about EyeEm’s image recognition is that it has the capacity to rate the aesthetic of your picture compared to others in the database as well as determining its relevance for your brand’s visual identity. Hence, it can be used as support for choosing the picture that maximizes the engagement of your customers. Read more about their tool here.


With its large database of logos, scenes and objects, Talk Walker gives companies access to their image recognition technology for purposes such as text and image analysis. It focuses on alerting companies when someone refers to your brand. The benefits include boosting brand awareness, protecting your brand against any misuse and monitor the financial performance of sponsorship of online campaigns.

Read all about it here.

Now you see me

All these tools can help businesses to improve brand recognition or create new possibilities and business model in the market. It supports companies by classifying and understanding relevant information from images which can be transformed into benefits for your company. Image recognition is therefore a steerwheel to navigate through a sea of endless data.

At Sagacify we have our own image recognition tool that we're implementing in various industries, profoundly adapted to the specific need of our customer. Want to see what this technology could mean for your business? We'd love to give you a demo.

Want to know how Image recognition tools can help your business out?

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