In order to stay competitive, manufacturing companies need to produce faster and more qualitatively. But these constraints also come with a need to be more efficient, more flexible, and more ecological. AI already plays a major role in reaching these goals and more. It can help improve quality, increase yield, prevent unexpected problems, and accelerate production.

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What can AI do?

  • Provide real-time quality controls on 100% of the production volume
  • Reduce unplanned stops on a production line
  • Optimize yield and costs while preserving quality.
  • Ensure the safety of your workers and assets
  • Automate complex robotic manipulations
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Success stories



Sagacify delivered a visual inspection system that automates the detection of defects on X-Ray images. The shift from manual quality control to automated quality control not only improved quality, but also revealed that human quality control lacked consistency and that some items that should have been reworked had been sent to the client.

Better &




Sagacify deployed a visual inspection station that automates the defects detection on die casted parts. Our project improved yield by automating the detection of defects, and reducing waste and rework.

Improved yield

waste reduction



AI controlled production parameters allow to optimize them for specific metrics, like quality or production speed. In one of our projects, the improvement in production quality linked to the introduction of AI improved by 60% the results obtained with conventional methods.


Quality improvement



Our client supplies industrial robotics machines. By introducing AI, he was able to produce a robotic arm capable of automating a previously impossible task with 97% accuracy. This product with new capabilities allowed him to open new accounts.



Our first project with Sagacify was a very positive experience! We worked with an experienced team that was able to analyze and understand the case we wanted to solve with AI. Sagacify quickly built a first proof of concept and provided relevant and tangible results which allowed us to move forward intelligently in the development of advanced robotized solutions. We had the opportunity to work with smart and friendly people who were always open to share their knowledge

Grégory Riechling

We really appreciated working with Sagacify. Project deliveries were on time, communication was done directly with people in charge and the delivered solutions were perfectly adapted to fit Ethias' systems. Sagacify has proven to be focused on bringing high value for our company, which made us confident that we could trust them to help us make good long term decisions.

Sarah Al Azzeh
Head of Program Management at Ethias

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