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Options Plans Management Platform

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Bluetrees helps companies optimize their employees’ bonuses by paying them in options rather than in cash.

The company contacted Sagacify to co-create a platform that would automate most of the tasks related to option plan creation and management, as well as letting the beneficiaries of the option plans manage their wallet.


Sagacify worked closely with BlueTrees to co-create a solution that would automate most of the tasks related to option plan management.

Sagacify has developed the solution to be highly scalable and capable of absorbing a highly variable number of simultaneous connections depending of the events at different times of the year.

Key elements

  • Complete cloud-based platform letting BlueTrees employees manage the option plans from a web application
  • Automatic scaling of the solution ensures that the application can face high affluence moments. 


BlueOptions, the custom application built by Sagacify for Bluetrees, has been used for more than 5 years.

BlueOptions is designed to let Bluetree create and manage the whole lifecycle of option plans with much fewer employees than their competitors and supports Bluetrees fast growth. 

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