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Improve your production quality with automated visual inspection

Visual quality control is essential to the manufacturing process, allowing companies to ensure production meets expected standards. It's a complex task, and since it can't be automated with traditional systems, often requires the oversight of a trained operator. But manual detection can also be time-consuming and deliver inconsistent results. Often, the process becomes impossible to complete on all products without creating a bottleneck in production.

The solution

Sagacify has already solved this problem for several clients, thanks to its expertise in developing and deploying AI algorithms specially trained for the task of defect detection. Our models often outperform manual quality control processes, and our methods are designed to comply with the practical realities of the manufacturing world.

With our help, clients can monitor production quality in real-time without the need for human input, and identify the root cause of problems in the production process.

The result

By integrating Sagacify visual defect detection systems, our clients can control 100% of their production, homogeneously and with high accuracy. Deploying our solution helps reduce waste and rework costs, and increases process efficiency and production yield. The improved quality of their products also helps strengthen our clients' relationship with customers.