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Sagacify, Partners in your mobile strategy saga

Partners in your mobile strategy saga



Mobile strategy

The first step in a project development is sharing. It starts with a discussion with our team of mobile experts. Together, we brainstorm around your idea, challenge it and try to answer questions. What are you trying to achieve with the first release ? Who are your customers ? How and when will they use your application ? How will we market it ? The idea for us is to learn everything about your market, your business model and your objectives.
With a clear picture of your project in mind, we then start an analysis and provide you with a strategic plan and a recommendation plan.

Data analysis

Sagacify was initially specialized in data mining, big data analysis and collective intelligence.

Smartphones and other connected devices produce a huge quantity of data. Twitter is a good example but many other APIs give access to truckloads of data. Businesses that are taking advantage of this new wealth of information are able to make more intelligent decisions.

Smartphones represent an amazing opportunity to learn from your customers but also to bring value to them by providing intelligence in mobile applications, creating a personalized experience for each user, adapted to their needs.

We offer consulting in big data analysis, data mining, collective intelligence for your applications and are able to directly integrate intelligence in your next mobile or web application.


Mobile phones and tablets have small screen sizes and people generally pull them out of their pocket just for a quick moment, while waiting in line or in the bus, to access information. Moreover, smartphones have been around for a few years now and people are used to accessing beautiful and responsive application. For these reasons, the design of your application is crucial!

At Sagacify, we attach a particular attention for the user experience through the user interface. The right design makes your application usage intuitive, the content clear. People will remember it and use it in the long term.

Because application design is so important, we offer a high quality design service that we like to involve right at the beginning of the project development.


At Sagacify, we love beautiful and well designed products. Our iOS (iPhone/iPad) developers have several years of experience, and same for the Android ones.

They are present with the client right at the beginning of a project and are getting the right balance between clients' ideas, iPhone or Android platform standards, user experience and expectations, as well as technical challenges and possibilities in the project. Our development team ensures that we understand your application in detail not just from a technical perspective, but also appreciate the business end of it, thus delivering a winning iPhone app.

In most situations, mobile and web applications require back end servers. Apps usually need to gather content from a server and publish data for other users to access. Additionally, some processing and storage tasks can be offloaded to a server with higher computational power, resulting in a more lightweight app and better battery life.

Regarding the Web, we consider it in the exact same way as a mobile devices. Our Web applications have offline capabilities and communicate with the server as if it were a mobile application.

Project management

At Sagacify, we strive to use the best project management and development tools.

In terms of development, we strongly follow the Scrum methodology for project management, encouraging short iterations and frequent interaction with the client, ensuring both parties are aligned on the objectives. We use a version control system (github) to allow many developers to work at the same time on the same project. We manage the different versions of an application for our clients.

Along the project, we stay in very close relationship with the client, informing him about the advancement and listening to last minute change requests.


On the strengh of our experience, we offer training services in the following matters:

- iPhone and iPad development

- HTML5 Web application development

- Node.js development

- How to succeed in your mobile strategy ?




Nexty is a platform allowing local merchants to place their businesses into the mobile world, increasing their visibility and improving their customer’s attraction through an innovative loyalty system.

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