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How news monitoring can give you an edge over competitors

Get instant access to relevant business news and insights about your business or portfolio, automatically

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to be the first to know the news about a particular sector, or subject: monitor the competition, discover early opportunities, know your potential partners, and many others.

But in practice, nobody has the time to read all the news, everyday, and select the news that are relevant to your subject of interest. That is why we developed our news monitoring system.

Every day, our solution reads all the news published in the Benelux and France, selects the ones that are relevant for your teams, according to your criteria, and makes them available to the right people.

Our models learn from your feedback and adjust their selection while you use them, to provide the best information to your team. More knowledge means faster actions, bigger impact.

Do you need to monitor the online news ?

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