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Automate the detection in objects, logos or anythings at scale in your images or videos

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Over the past few years, computers have gotten incredibly good at understanding images. For the vast majority of cases, this task no longer requires human level cognition. This success can be attributed to the so called "Deep Learning" breakthrough, that excels at analysing images thanks to Convolutional Neural Networks. Some of the most impressive achievements are self-driving cars that make sense of their environment using cameras only or hospitals deploying cancer detection software in MRI scans from to name a few.

The amount of images and videos generated and shared on the internet everyday is astronomic. There are many reasons why someone would want to analyse all these images and detect specific objects into them: security issue detection, precise monitoring of a brand diffusion in media, social media or sport events, counterfeit detection...


Sagacify developed a tool to automatically detect objects in images. With only a few examples, we can train our algorithms to detect specific objects and provide an accurate monitoring of its performances on your media of interest.


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