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How AI can reduce hospital revenue leakage

Spot missing items in patient invoice and monitor medical act patterns automatically and constantly

The financial and administrative department of hospitals are generating a large number of invoices every year. In particular, patient invoice management is very complex with information coming from many services, running on different systems and managed by different people. Hence, missing items and errors can happen, leading to revenue leakages. When spotted, errors have to be corrected as soon as possible to avoir sending erroneous invoices to patients. However, finding errors in invoices is complex and time-consuming.

Sagacify developed a solution to detect anomalies in hospital patient invoices. Hospitals are now alerted whenever INAMI items are missing from patient journeys or when the patterns of INAMI medical act change over time.

Hospitals can now benefit from

  • tranquility of mind knowing that AI algorithms are watching for errors,
  • increased revenue thanks to fewer errors
  • pro-activity in correcting invoice errors
  • and increase efficiency of the invoicing team

Do you want to spot missing revenue, fraud or any unwanted behaviour ?

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