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Every insurance faces the decision of whether or not to dispute supplier invoices in claim management. The decision takes up a lot of time, requires a certain expertise, and is thus very costly. Sagacify and DAS collaborated to automate this decision with Machine Learning algorithms, greatly facilitating and optimizing this task.

The procedure to dispute invoices

This procedure consists of a number of steps that take roughly one hour to complete, namely:

  1. Encoding invoices of suppliers (doctors, lawyers, into the system)
  2. These invoices are checked for possible anomalies (e.g. extremely large fee asked)
  3. Decision of disputing the invoice or not
  4. In case of disputing the invoice, a contestation letter will be made

Due to this exhaustive procedure, people are more prone to possible mistakes or misjudgments leading to the loss of possible cost savings.


Automate & optimize

Firstly it is important to gain a comprehensive understanding of this procedure before starting on finding a solution. Once our team gathered the necessary information, we trained an ML algorithm that increased the efficiency of deciding whether or not to dispute the invoice. The team managed to decrease the workload of the employees of DAS by as much as 90%.

For a more elaborate view of the working process, we refer to about this case.


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