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Automate document treatment in the construction sector

In every construction company, there are lots of documents that need to be treated: licenses, contracts, offers, invoices, plans, etc. These documents contain important data that needs to be encoded. Because this screening and extraction process is a long and repetitive task, employees spend a lot of time on this administrative work.

What if this administrative work was automated?

Fortunately, it could be! Sagacify built a solution that automatically analyses digitized documents. It identifies the relevant information contained in those documents, extracts and encodes them automatically in your management platform.

This solution can help you handle every document and their relevant data. For instance:

  • Residence permit, work visa, driving license for construction equipment: Extraction of names, surnames, date of validity, location, equipment, etc.
  • Tendering documents: Extraction of dates, budget, specific terms or requests, etc.
  • Quotes: Extraction of prices, quantities, delivery information, description, etc.


Documents are processed faster and automatically. Consequently, the related costs decrease drastically.

In addition to cost reduction, the administration process gains in efficiency and employees can dedicate time to work with a higher added value.

It is time to get rid of manual encoding and free your employees from this redundant task.

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