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AI powered gripper system

Today, robots are helping companies to automate their processes. However, classically programmed robots are most efficient in very simple tasks, where there are only a few parameters to be considered.
Fortunately, AI enables robots to tackle more complex tasks.

The challenge

Today, industries have understood the benefits of automation. They help themselves by using new technologies. As a result, robots are more present than ever in the production processes of many different industries.
However, robots are efficient in very simple tasks only. They are based on classic programming which needs to define rules and templates. In practice, there are still a lot of situations where there are too many parameters to be considered. Thus, the definition of rules becomes too complex for classically programmed robots.

This reduces drastically the opportunities of automation brought by robots, if no other technology is supporting them.

The solution

Fortunately, artificial intelligence is able to learn from complex tasks on its own. After having studied a specific task, AI can understand the situation it sees. Then, it identifies all the different steps to perform the task and in order to reach its objective.

At the same time, the AI system communicates the actions the robotic arm needs to make. Hence, the robot can perform the task automatically, no matter its complexity.

The case

Ciseo is a company specialized in the design and manufacturing of machines in the pharmaceutical industry.
This client wanted to build an intelligent gripper system to automate loading and unloading processes in the production chain.

Sagacify built an artificial intelligence agent to optimize the gripper system for Ciseo. It helps the robot in dealing with complex situations. More precisely, it tells him which object to move or to take, in the right order, in order to avoid flipping anything over or hitting other objects.

“Our first project with Sagacify was a very positive experience! We worked with an experienced team that was able to analyze and understand the case we wanted to solve with AI. Sagacify quickly built a first proof of concept and provided relevant and tangible results which allowed us to move forward intelligently in the development of advanced robotized solutions. We had the opportunity to work with smart and friendly people who were always open to share their knowledge.”
Gregory Reichling, CEO @ Citius/Ciseo

The result

A robotic system augmented with artificial intelligence opens up more automation possibilities, without the need for tedious and complex computer vision rules.

The benefits are significant. It reduces operational costs, but also rework costs, as no accidents happen.

Do you rely on robots in your production, supply chain or monitoring process? Artificial intelligence can improve the performance of any robot.