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How you can automatically encode your customer data in your CRM with AI

Automate the extraction of key information and improve your efficiency

A customer service typically has to deal with a huge volume of inbound communication everyday. For each contact, supporters have to fill up different types of customer informations: name, address, contract/client number, number of invoice, ...
This is a simple task but the time needed to complete it quickly adds up, and it considerably slows down the overall treatment of customer support services, and it can be automated by artificial intelligence.

Modern NLP algorithms are able to detect specific elements in emails, but also in scanned documents, images, invoices, and many other supports. Once the models are trained to recognize these elements, they can be automatically extracted, they can be easily accessed in a CRM, integrated into your own customer support solution, or accessed in a flexible way using our APIs.

Are you struggling to treat all your inbound emails? Discover how AI can reduce your costs and improve client satisfaction

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