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Automate data extraction from digital documents

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Every company encounters a daily struggle with invoices, receipts, bills and so on. More specifically the manually encoding of the information found on these digitized documents takes a lot of time. Sagacify found a solution to automate these mundane tasks through a deep learning algorithm. We’ll tell you in the case how to automate data extraction from digital documents?

Today, every company has a lot of administrative work to achieve, which means tons of data to treat.

One big part of it consists of manually encoding information found on digitized documents or forms such as invoices, receipts, bills, ID cards, etc... This is a repetitive task of low added value, but the cumulative time spent on it every year in a company is surprisingly high. So why is it not already automated?

How to cope with many different templates?

The problem is, in fact, more complicated than it looks: while all these documents contain the same kind of data, they most often do not follow the same template (e.g. invoices) and are rather diverse, which makes the task of automatically locating and extracting the required data in a structured way very difficult for a machine.

Some solutions to automatically locate the right information exist, but they are based on templates, which is too rigid to bring a global solution to the problem. Indeed, for a company with a lot of suppliers, it is a daunting task to manually define a template for each supplier and to update it every time the supplier changes its format.


The power of deep learning algorithms

To overcome this drawback, we developed a deep learning algorithm that can automatically extract and structure all the data contained in invoices, receipts, and other semi-structured documents, without the need for templates! Our unique model uses a combination of NLP and computer vision to understand the document semantically, but also spatially, like a human would. You can get more info on this product on our dedicated website Skwiz.

Other applications of this solution

In addition to the potential optimizations in administrative processes, this capability can also be used to automatically find the relevant information of your future client from a picture of its current bills and facilitate onboarding, automatically fill up the payment data from the picture of an invoice, ... the possibilities are exciting and numerous!

You can now automatically extract data from semi-structured documents without the need for templates, and with the best rate of accurate detection on the market.


Documents are processed faster and automatically. Consequently, the related costs decrease drastically.

In addition to cost reduction, the administration process gains in efficiency and employees can dedicate time to work with a higher added value.

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